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    Logos and identities for several groups and people.
Breakthrough 3.0
Logo For Year Meeting Called Breakthrough 3.0
Lymel Holdings LLC 
Logo for group of companys in USA
Food Spot
Logo for a food kiosk in greece
Greek From Greece Bakery
Logo for a bakery in USA made it by Greece
Dream Food sa
Logo for a food business company, Greece
Insolid Logo
Logo for a sofa company
Informa Logo
Logo for a sofa company
Biostoxos Logo
Logo for a company selling biological pesticides in Greece
Logo for jewelery shop in greece
Logo for silence web mgzn.
Cycle Ancient Rome
Logo for Bicycle tour Around Rome
Brand name and logo identity
Awesome posters
Logo and identity for awesome posters company which selling only posters.
Logo for musician called E_LPHABET
Making and playing dubstep-dnb-breaks
Logo and identity for a creative and marketing group in Greece
Collective Mob
Logo for music and promoter group organizing parties and guests
Music genre Techno
Tacones Lejanos Club
Logo for a local club in greece