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    Location: Kyiv, Ukraine Project completed in 2016. Total floor space: 160 sq.m. Aleksey Venediktov, a designer and architect from SPECIAL PROJECT… Read More
    Location: Kyiv, Ukraine Project completed in 2016. Total floor space: 160 sq.m. Aleksey Venediktov, a designer and architect from SPECIAL PROJECT VENEDIKTOV, has reorganized the space of an apartment inside a high-rise residential building to create a new home for a young family of three. The apartment is situated on the 30th floor of one of the highest buildings in Kyiv. The apartment’s panoramic windows open a spectacular view of the city and the Dnieper River. The structure of the high-rise, specifically its concrete frame, suggested the need to divide the living space into separate functional zones. The opportunities presented by the existing premises plan were also factored into the future optimal apartment plan. The customers asked us to create an individual design and an impressive, unique living space concept. While discussing the brief, we have quickly found out how lucky we were to have similar tastes in design. We offered to use a fairly vibrant color palette for this design concept. We believe that the colors of the apartment interior should be highly compatible with the space, light and shadow. The sophisticated color palette is capable of changing the perception of the space and creating the illusion of space and volume that seem larger than their actual parameters – this, in fact, was our main idea. The interior colors can vary according to different shades of natural light and produce a radically different effect with artificial light. That is why it was crucial to make the photographic survey of the site both at daytime and at night. We prefer minimalism and Scandinavian style, modern design objects, natural materials and surfaces. We choose to paint concrete surfaces in order to emphasize their texture. We are confident that future belongs to interiors capable of triggering emotions. The apartment consists of the outstretched space of the living room, with the kitchen placed into a separate glassed-in room where daylight can pass freely. The entrance hall that includes the guest bathroom is part of an open space providing access to the panoramic view from the window right from the doorway. Perpendicular to the hallway, there is a corridor leading to the private block, with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The private block also includes special premises accommodating a home office, a home cinema and a bar from inside which you can enjoy the beautiful views. The Green Apartment keeps altering its looks. Indeed, the atmospheric interior does look different in the morning, during the day and in the evening, and it changes depending on whether there are clouds or full sunshine outside. Photographer: Andrey Avdeenko Brands and suppliers contracted for the project: Lighting: WEVER&DUCRE &TRADITION NEMO VERTIGO VESOI FLOS JIELDE CARPYEN Accessories and furniture: HAY NORMANN COPENHAGEN MENU MITTEL Flooring: PARADOR Along with foreign furniture brands, we have worked with Ukrainian craft furniture makers, cabinetmakers and metalworkers, as well as concrete workers from OdudLab. Read Less