Grand Palace

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  • Grand Palace
    This project has started since 2009 in my ideantity design class of Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts Chula.
    This class we have Aj. Rangsi from LA as our instructor This is the group project that we have done with UK student Fiona and my friend Wipawan Boonlap.
    The concept of our  Grand Palace logo was beginning from number 1 in Thai alphabet meaning ; The beginning of The Grand Palace that King Rama I build this temple and represent one of the best Thai culture to the worldwide international,best of Architecture ,Painting and Sculpter are here all in one place
    And I have developed more in 2011 class of personal project design on my own.
    for more of signages system and visual poster.

    please recognize that this project is for only experiment ideas
    ,non of this used for real or in commercial production.