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    Parallel event at the 1st Santorini Biennale of Arts Time - Moment - Shock
Parallel event at the 1st Santorini Biennale of Arts
The Moment is what we are living now, it is where we exist and create. The Moment is where life begins; it is what defines “who” and “what” everyone is, regardless of the previous or the next second. The Moment is the most important “place” worth being in; it is where one truly exists.
The Moment is the prism under which we must look upon time; it is the past, the present and the future. Our lives are but this Moment; a Moment from the womb to the tomb, from conception to oblivion, from one suspension to the other.
And the change that shakes our very existence is the one that came to be without our own will; we did not cause it neither did we predict it.
Just as we walk through our life and suddenly something happens and brings it upside down, likewise when we are painting or drawing and while we have a general idea where we are headed, suddenly another artist comes into the picture. And without asking for our permission, and not knowing what we had in mind, he “touches” our work, shocking us and the viewer.
For the realization of this idea we have chosen a group of 8 artists that live far from one another, who will start an “artistic correspondence”. By doing so they will intervene on each other’s Moments. The material of the exhibition will be the presentation of this correspondence, the A4 drawings and a group video.
The actual part of the exhibition will be as follows: The first artist will start with a drawing which he will scan and send via e-mail to the second artist, who in turn will make a second drawing as a response and after having been influenced by the first one. The second artist will send his work to the third artist who will make the third drawing influenced by the second one, and so on. Thus, each artist will only know what the previous fellow artist has done and not the rest.
The drawings will be accompanied by a short group video where each artist will analyze their idea, in an attempt to record the possible changes of that first Moment.
The theme of the exhibition is Time, its relativity as a concept and how each of us interprets and uses it.

Curators: Ioanna Souroudi and Vasilis Botoulas