Through the lens of an iPhone
Mobile photography project
Through the lens of an iPhone - One photo a day selection
I started my "One photo a day" project in july 2011. For 365 days I was shooting what I saw mainly around Poznań city but also in other regions of Poland, trying to show my country, my neighbourhood and my life.

First I was using an old iPhone 3G, later I was able to buy iPhone 4s, which is my main photo camera now. All the photos were taken and edited with these two mobile devices only , with a huge help of apps like Snapseed, Camera+, PhotoToaster, PicFX etc.

I'm not happy with all the photos I took during my "One photo a day project". Many of them are really bad and boring (especcially the ones from the beginning of the project), but I learned much with every next single image.

Here is a selection of - in my opinion - the best photos from my "One photo a day" project. Feel free to comment, criticise and ask anything. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Watching the alien sky
I used PhotoWizard (Lomo, Bleach Bypass) and Alien Sky
Free as birds
I used Image Blender (overlay blending mode), TouchRetouch, Snapseed (Drama1: 90%, Center Focus filter: Portrait2, Inner brightness +35, Outer brightness -86, square cropping), Picfx (Olden), Scratchcam, Camera Plus Pro (Bulge)

Searching for gold
I used Snapseed (drama:Dark2, Black and white:Contrast, Lighting, Center focus:Portrait 2)
The fog
I used Snapseed (drama, center focus, grunge).
Świętosławska street
I used Snapseed (drama, grunge, focus) and Camera+ (Cross Process).
Pigeons on the old square market
I used Fast Camera, Camera Awesome, Snapseed and PhotoToaster.
The path
I used Snapseed (Drama), PhotoToaster (Sharpen, vibrant) and TiltShiftGen.
Sun runners
I used PhotoToaster (crpping, Black and white), Popsicolor, Texture+ and FX PhotoStudio (Turin)
I used picfx (Haze), Superimpose and Camera+ (Cross Process)
The pool
I used ColorSplash and PhotoToaster (Contrast, Deeper focus) and TouchRetouch.
Dancing in the rye
I used Snapseed, picfx, Superimpose
Poznań city center
I used Camera Awesome and Snapseed.
Morning glory
I used PhotoToaster (Warm, Vibrant, Medium black vignette, Antiqued), ScratchCam and FX PhotoStudio (Rainbow Pallette 1).
I used Camera Awesome and qbro
The doors
I used Camera+
Ghost ship
I used Camera+ (Clarity), PhotoToaster (Blue Fade, Scratched), TiltShiftGen and PhotoForge2 (Texture).
Waiting for a battle
I used Snapseed (Black and white, cropping), BigLens (F 3.2, Lomo 3) and PhotoToaster (B&W Portrait)
The dawn
I used Snapseed (brightness, contrast, black and white, grunge)
Running wild
I used PhotoForge2 (Texture, Gothic filter), ScratchCam, PhotoToaster (Recover hilights, medium black vignette, slate texture), WaterMyPhoto and BigLens (F3.5, Lomo2)
Self portrait
I used Snapseed (Black and white, focus point, grunge, drama) and Ripped from Reality.
Through the lens of an iPhone

Through the lens of an iPhone

Through the lens of an iPhone - a selection of the best photos from my "One photo a day" project.
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