Mobile photography project
Through the lens of an iPhone - One photo a day selection
I started my "One photo a day" project in july 2011. For 365 days I was shooting what I saw mainly around Poznań city but also in other regions of Poland, trying to show my country, my neighbourhood and my life.

First I was using an old iPhone 3G, later I was able to buy iPhone 4s, which is my main photo camera now. All the photos were taken and edited with these two mobile devices only , with a huge help of apps like Snapseed, Camera+, PhotoToaster, PicFX etc.

I'm not happy with all the photos I took during my "One photo a day project". Many of them are really bad and boring (especcially the ones from the beginning of the project), but I learned much with every next single image.

Here is a selection of - in my opinion - the best photos from my "One photo a day" project. Feel free to comment, criticise and ask anything. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Watching the alien sky
I used PhotoWizard (Lomo, Bleach Bypass) and Alien Sky
Free as birds
I used Image Blender (overlay blending mode), TouchRetouch, Snapseed (Drama1: 90%, Center Focus filter: Portrait2, Inner brightness +35, Outer brightness -86, square cropping), Picfx (Olden), Scratchcam, Camera Plus Pro (Bulge)

Searching for gold
I used Snapseed (drama:Dark2, Black and white:Contrast, Lighting, Center focus:Portrait 2)
The fog
I used Snapseed (drama, center focus, grunge).
Świętosławska street
I used Snapseed (drama, grunge, focus) and Camera+ (Cross Process).
Pigeons on the old square market
I used Fast Camera, Camera Awesome, Snapseed and PhotoToaster.
The path
I used Snapseed (Drama), PhotoToaster (Sharpen, vibrant) and TiltShiftGen.
Sun runners
I used PhotoToaster (crpping, Black and white), Popsicolor, Texture+ and FX PhotoStudio (Turin)
I used picfx (Haze), Superimpose and Camera+ (Cross Process)
The pool
I used ColorSplash and PhotoToaster (Contrast, Deeper focus) and TouchRetouch.
Dancing in the rye
I used Snapseed, picfx, Superimpose
Poznań city center
I used Camera Awesome and Snapseed.
Morning glory
I used PhotoToaster (Warm, Vibrant, Medium black vignette, Antiqued), ScratchCam and FX PhotoStudio (Rainbow Pallette 1).
I used Camera Awesome and qbro
The doors
I used Camera+
Ghost ship
I used Camera+ (Clarity), PhotoToaster (Blue Fade, Scratched), TiltShiftGen and PhotoForge2 (Texture).
Waiting for a battle
I used Snapseed (Black and white, cropping), BigLens (F 3.2, Lomo 3) and PhotoToaster (B&W Portrait)
The dawn
I used Snapseed (brightness, contrast, black and white, grunge)
Running wild
I used PhotoForge2 (Texture, Gothic filter), ScratchCam, PhotoToaster (Recover hilights, medium black vignette, slate texture), WaterMyPhoto and BigLens (F3.5, Lomo2)
Self portrait
I used Snapseed (Black and white, focus point, grunge, drama) and Ripped from Reality.