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    Location-based learning game activity to get teenagers interested in science.
Aliens from Zork and Mortar planets try to take over Earth. The last battle occurs at Weizmann institute in Israel, since whoever controls that knowledge base can win the race. 

The teenagers play the two alien groups, battling each other for the control of the science posts at the outdoor museum of Weizmann institute.

This location based game activity has one goal: to interest teenagers about science. This framework can be extended to other outdoor museums.

Gameplay and rules:
Inspired by Google IngressVanished and Environmental Detectives, here are the rules:
- The kids receive a short brief from their commander. First they need to touch-base all posts they want to start with.
- They receive a home-base. The winner is the group that controls more posts in one hour.
- Take over a post by scoring higher than the other group. Get score by answering questions on that subject. The questions force the user to try the facility in a unique way.
- From time to time, the instructor declares a special battle between the two groups on one post. These challenges are easier if you have more players with you.
Example activity: "Balance the highest number of kids on this swing in one minute"
- Near the end, a third enemy (Non Player/ AI) joins the battle and balances the game a bit. It takes over posts faster than the groups and eventually they will lose unless they join forces against the new enemy. 

Interested to know who is this powerful enemy and why they have to lose for at the first time? Call me :)