CRAB Fuel Cell Lawn mower concept
by: Otto Polefko & Balazs Botos

Weekend lawn mowing inmodern society affects and can cause damages to the environment forvarious reasons. It involves acoustic, air and chemical pollution inthe suburban areas; most people have time to take care of the lawnand the garden only at the weekends. The lawnmowers nowadays on salehave a difficult usage, or their servicing requires professionalskills, no matter if it is an accumulator or internal combustionequipment. The already used batteries of the accumulator models canbe recycled or made harmless to the environment with high costs only.The maintenance and servicing of the lawnmowers with internalcombustion engine are both circumstantial; the start-up requires bigforce which might be managed only after a few attempts by a femaleuser. The service needed with the seasonal or the HOS (hours ofservice) expiration produces hazardous wastes, e.g. oil, filters,spark plug, and most of all, carbon monoxide caused by fuellingoperation. Although lawnmowers operating from arrays are quiet, thedanger of cutting the wire is constant and the range is affected bythe length of the wire. Owing to the fact that it is fuel cell, ourdesign is quiet and eco-friendly. It can be easily charged up fromits own wall charger, since hydrogen is produced by the charger fromrainwater as well as from solar energy, so our already maximallyeco-friendly garden machine can be also emission free. The handlingof the machine is without problems for females too, and the form wasalso designed to be a pretty ornament during or after its use. Thestrong closing trailing arms resembling sport cars and the curves ofsea animals both contributed to the choice of its name. The wholeconstruction can be closed with one movement only, so a little spaceis enough for its storage.

 1/2 Scale model