The Light Shaping Company–Profoto
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The problem
Profoto, the world’s premiere flash company, had a design crisis. The company was facing its two most important product releases ever, but the brand identity was all over the place. For a brand that represents craft perfection, that was a big problem.

Our ambition
We partnered with Profoto with the ambition to reiterate the brand from the ground up. To rebuild every visual asset, and the way they interact, in all touch-points. Banners, print ads, motion, borchures, newsletter, packaging, in-store material, etc – no stone was left unturned.

Our process
We worked together with the team at Profoto to develop a new visual identity including a new bespoke typeface, new iconography, grid-system and imagery. We developed new templates for every touch-point and finished off with a new packaging concept.

The result
A global brand as premium as its products.