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    new work, 2016.
one must remember to play.
note, for new eyes: though this is all 3D work, my long-time specialty is After Effects,
which I have been using since version 2 around 96 or so, and have taught 10 college courses in.
I am a fast hired gun, just point me and I'll be back with it done right.
a splash-tastic li'l world that loves me very much. 
created to show my ability to take a simple concept 
and turn it into a coherent, targeted dance for the eyes. 
for larger version (and better playback), please visit vimeo
a place for pause in the vast hive
"In every corner of my soul, there is an altar to a different god."
Fernando Pessoa
freelance autonomous hyperspace flying lounge symbiote.
I mean, obviously.
LIFE GOALS: do ten of these for a record label.
would look sexy on a 12" sleeve and centerlabel, innit? jaaaa
I want to live on top of a mountain, across the street from a beach, 
miles away from everyone, with stores I can walk to. doesn't everyone?