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    My logo process
My Logo Process
I do a lot of logo work and many commisioned projects that are similar.
A connection leads towards great chemistry and great work!
This is the first attempt.I knew from the start I wanted something really fluid.My direction had to also relate not just to the extremely artistc side but graphic side.The idea of water and strong use of black began to show progress.My initials needed to definitely flow with the piece but much better than this sketch 
 This is the second attempt:After drawing and re-drawing I found myself always incorporating the brush.This second solid arrival expressed the need for extreme motion.Both sketches were good but didn't describe my love for technical work.Both sketches were not the kind of shape I wanted either. Like most of my work there is a pattern going on.
 Last sketch turned out to be what I wanted:Inspiration struck while looking at object constantly in my life.I choose a painters water bottle which cleans the brush.It's a metaphor defining: hard work, the start or end of something.This logo describes me tackling every project with extreme passion and planning. I put my initial at the top of the brush with a shape similar to water which ties it all together.
I also like this piece because I makes a very interesting stencil and simple but dynamic vector.Recognizable far away and fun up-close, this project is finished.
I did a fun experiment and painted the logo on white toned/cut/ maple wood.
I took a digital picture and photoshopped corrected everything.
 I felt as ease knowing this logo can give a smooth feel.The cool colors are done with a wash in acrylics.The logo was done with "black" acrylic.