Ink Drama
How can one create drama using only inks and his/her imagination? This is a thing I like doing during my free time. I enjoy doodling using all kinds of pens and markers, including plain cheap pens, up to expensive and specialized ones. While doodling, I almost always try to create a kind of theme for my design, imagining that what I create is a conceptual zoom in the psychological states of mind or the representation of feelings and ideas. This is exactly the part where the drama starts mixing with my inks. The title I give to each design are mainly inspired by mythology, psychology and emotions. So, here they are.
Liquid Synapses 
The Crystal Killing of The Tarantula
Vertigo Crossroad
Cranberries' Disguise
Compulsive Pebbles Storing
Amore Syndrome
What Cousteau Saw
Prozak Happiness
Waiting for Prey
Ink Blizzard
The Gypsies Come Every Day
Serve Your Craving
Black Spots On White Dirt
Cobra Gambling