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    Typographic Weather Vain
Typographic Weather Vain
I am With You Always
Sunday, December 12 th 2004, my Dad was taking away from us at the young age of 45. He was misdiagnosed just one month earlier by a doctor stating dehydration. In reality, he passed away from clogged arteries and from heart arrhythmia. He left behind my Mom, my sister, 12, and myself, 16.

December has always been a tough month from myself, my family and close family friends. My Dad passed away just 13 days before his 46 th birthday. Yes, he was a Christmas baby! When Jan gave us the option to use a personal story for the Weather Vain project, my first thought was my Dad. I thought back to all the amazing memories we had from building snowman, picking out the “perfect” tree and celebrating his birthday.

I chose to design five 14x18 canvas with crayons melting down each one. The crayons don’t only represent my childhood but the memories we had together. Wrapped around each crayon, there is a word representing each memory we shared melting over the white silhouette.

I chose five main memories of my special 15 short Christmas’ I was lucky enough to spend with my Dad. The first one is picking out the “perfect” Christmas tree. Since my Dad has passed, we haven’t had a real Christmas tree. My second canvas is building the biggest snowman and knocking him over. We would always roll the snowman’s head so big it was so heavy we could barely pick it up! Third, celebrating my Dad’s birthday on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We would always get him an ice cream Christmas cake and double the presents. The forth canvas is, seeing Santa at Grandma’s on Christmas Eve. In reality it was a large tower with a red light on top, but we were certain it was Santa and Rudolph. Lastly, I chose a family of three girls, my mom, myself and my sister with Angel wings in the sky.