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    Isak Winther, designer and art director for Te & Kaffi since rebranding in 2004 to current.
The first 3D interpretation of the logo. Used on the flagship coffee house at Laugavegur, Reykjavik, Iceland.
I was requested to redo the brand Te & Kaffi. At the time the company was 10 years old and had never had an clear identity. The logo cosists of the unification of a cup of tea and cup of espresso in a three dimensional sceene. I have designed or directed everything for Te & Kaffi since 2003. The brand has grown to be one of icelands most seen and respected brands.
Te & Kaffi, 30 year aneversary video. Curtesy of Te & Kaffi. 
Te & Kaffi theme picture

The simple take away cup
The white collection
Cappuccino Milk