Planeta Kino

Planeta Kino is a Ukrainian movie theatres chain that can be simply described as «the first and the best»

The first movie theatre was opened in Kyiv in 2008 and first in Ukraine featured the IMAX technology. Today there are 9 theatres with 49 cinemas in 6 cities of Ukraine. The Planeta Kino was always committed to bring to viewers the newest experiences and the best client service practices. It was the first cinema in Eastern Europe to release it’s mobile app and lunch ticket purchases online. 

The lack of the solid communication strategy and faceless identity was standing in a way of the brand – the viewers did not distinguish the Planeta Kino and the IMAX brand, meaning nobody was capable to remember the name of the theatre. 

We have created the new bright and dynamic identity, completely changing the perception of the entire brand. 

By virtue of the simplicity of the form the new logo is recognisable yet diverse in communicating a whole spectre of emotions that Planeta Kino movie theatres offer to it’s viewers. The new identity is meant to especially blossom in the digital medium, offering the power of the dynamic and personalised content.

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Designed by Madcats Branding Agency in Kyïv · MMXVI

Planeta Kino
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