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Logo Design_Art of Cooking

The logo was to be designed for a Startup which was primarily centred around providing culinary services for events and thereafter scale up to a chain of eating joints and restaurants across a variety of cuisines.

The clients were pretty clear about the use of 'Wok' in the logo, because their offerings had a highlight of live cooking, using utensils like a wok etc.

Here are a few of the early try-outs.

Concept Option 1: Uses the term 'Art' quite literally, superimposing the beautiful patterns over a stove burner illustration and combining it with a brush-stroke typographic style, to create an outcome that justifies the name in its true sense.
Yet another option, which initiated with representation of a stove burner:
Later, a few other variations of the same were created to be used in other use cases as the brand scales up in future. 

Variation 1: For American cuisine
Variation 2: For Live cooking based cuisine
Variation 3: For Bakery items etc.
The Finally approved logo was a slight variation of the first option, where the stove burner was replaced by a 'Wok'.
The finally approved logo
Logo Design_Art of Cooking

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Logo Design_Art of Cooking

Logo Design for a Catering and Food Chain Startup