Pierre Boulez Hall Website
Pierre Boulez Saal is an elegant and architecturally distinct international concert hall and the public face of the Barenboim-Said Akademie. Everything is special about this place. It's a modular construction which, by reconfiguring its tiers, can create a variety of spatial correlations. “Saal Modulable” (modular hall) distinguishes it from other venues and creates for it a special place in Berlin’s music landscape. It's a made at the crossroads of modern technologies and restoration of the existing facade. Moreover, it's a music venue with a diverse seasonal program of up to 100 outstanding chamber music concerts each year. 

Pierre Boulez Saal enriches the musical life of Berlin. Young and old people will attend this venue. Thus, we asked ourselves these questions: 

- How should we create a simple yet functional website with smooth navigation and distinct visual design? 
- What interface would make navigation easy for people of any age to search for concerts and buy the tickets in the most simple way? 
- How can we stress the unique brand of the concert hall? 

The answers came with a spectacular design.

"One should essentially see concerts as a means 
of communication, as animated contact between active participants, 
be they listeners or creators" 
Pierre Boulez 

The curtain falls. Ovation.
Pierre Boulez Hall Website
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Sasha Lebedeva