Don't worry, be happy!
Many thoughts which a person has in the course of the day are negative. Don’t Worry, Be Happy intends to counteract this tendency. It is the guiding principle for this eye-catching design of chocolate packaging and cups. It is intended to appeal to office workers and have a positive effect on them. A total of six different motives in the style of a cartoon character are offered to choose from – each of them can be found on the chocolate wrappers as well as on the cups.
2016 德國紅點傳達設計獎 | 包裝設計
Red Dot Award 2016 
Winner Packaging Design
統籌企劃 / 視覺設計 |   李世斌   Shi-Bin Li (Niel Lee)
平面設計 |   楊秉翰  Bing-Han Yang
插畫設計 |   陳俞佐  Yu-Zuo Chen   張淨  Ching Chang