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    Series of painting devoted to Timothy the cat as a character from Soviet Union
Epical cats
works of artist A. M. Zavaly (Gelendjik, South of Russia).   
Work performed in the genre of the historical plot animalism with a unique sense of humor and great love for detail and cats )))

The main character - real cat Timothy by name. Timothy has a real military ID, military rank, he is also a member of the trade union.

The works are for sale.
Timothy the cat - chevalier of the Order full
Navy Seal

Our guys in outer Space

Captured in gastronome
Ivan Pechonkin*, the mine picker

Kind of word play. The Surname refers to the russian literary character Ivan Chonkin, brave russian soldier. "Pechonka" is common word for the liver.

Grey Corsican
Thank you for not get in wrong!
The strategian
Dogs on a chain