With 40 offices world-wide and an impressive client list, Interbrand is without a doubt one the most renowned branding consultancies out there. 

I was viewing their website and thought the design didn't really do justice to who Interbrand are and the standard of work they produce. So as a personal project, I decided to create a cleaner looking version of the existing website as well as looking at whether there were any other areas within the brand I could approach.
Original logo
I tweaked the original serif-based typeface to create a more contemporary and dynamic appearance, while still working with existing aspects of the previous logo.
On the current website, I noticed they used a similar device on a section of the site which was about the Best Global Green Brands 2012. I thought this could be used as a secondary device to support the main brand. Created with the idea of brand focus and the many industries, of which their clients represent.

The secondary 'focus' device can be seen here applied to the home image and in a relevant colour to tie into the topic. Also used to frame brands and their products on internal collateral.