360 Photo Composite with Brand
Compositing with 360 Photos and Blender
The Plan
Create a composite that combines a 360 photo of an upcoming event's location with the event's host's logo.

This will give attendees the ability to preview the location and build excitement. Furthermore, the physicality of a brand's logo within the space acts as a visual metaphor of the event.
Step 1
Get your photograph.

In talking with the event coordinator and restaurant staff I was able to pinpoint the exact location we would be seated, thus providing an accurate representation.
Step 2
Use Blender, make magic happen.

Blender is a free 3D modeling program for both Windows and Mac. I used it to accomplish the more technical feats of this composite.

Panels, clockwise starting with the top left:
1. View of the photosphere and logo models without any textures applied
2. Similar view, but with textures and lighting turned on
3. Same view, but from outside the photosphere
4. View from the camera showing the fully rendered scene.
In order to capture the scene as if I had a virtual 360° camera, I use the Cycles renderer. This allows me to select the necessary equirectangular camera.

Step 3

Now, I don't actually want the background image on the photosphere. I just want the reflective brand logo on a transparent background. This will allow the highest possible quality composite. So, by utilizing Render Layers I can nab just the 3d logo with all the necessary reflections.
With that, I'm ready to simply plop it on top of my 360photo.

Step 4
Photoshop it in.

Use a transparent layer between the logo layer and the background to create shadow on the floor relative to the light source.

It also might be a good idea to apply some blur to the scene directly behind the composited text to further enhance the sense of depth.
Step 5

Facebook has great support for #360photos.
This comp makes for an excellent event header.
Step 6
Pop Champagne.

You've earned it.
360 Photo Composite with Brand

360 Photo Composite with Brand

Tasked with simply providing a header image for an event's Facebook page, I showcase both the event location and the brand at once.