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    Spätkauf Kunstaktion 2011, 2012 & vs. 48 Stunden Neukölln.
Spätkauf Kunstaktion 2011, 2012 & vs. 48h Neukölln
About / Spätkauf Kunstaktion
The Spätkaufläden (cornershops) in Berlin are known by everyone. The Spätis, as the Berliners call them, are just as unique to the city as say the Brandenburg Gate or the Berliner Schnauze. For the third time, Spätkauf-Kunstaktion will once again concentrate on giving these places their adequate attention, doing so in summer 2012. In the passed years, the Späti has come a long way from being merely a 24/7 to something more like a social meeting point. People bumping in to each other whilst buying the small necessaries, meeting up to watch the football and enjoying a beer together (low budget). Sitting there, talking away, analyzing life etc. These places welcome all kind of people, from all sorts of social background. Everyone makes use of these stores. Although Berlin is a metropolitan city, cleavages still exist even in our so called open-minded Neukölln and Kreuzberg. The Spätis—alongside their multicultural aspect—are the last standing place against this ineluctable social reorganization. At Spätkauf-Kunstaktion we focus on the connection artworks have to life. The terminology we use in our name Kunstaktion (action art) is due to the thoughts that arose during action art (performance art) in its early days. Thus, the Späti is looked at as being an inspirational, day to day social component that is contextualized and expressed in art forms such as illustration and music. We invite you to discover these experiences in your own way, Walking through the neighbourhood when we will have our parade, celebrating the Spätis as a new institution.

More info at www.spaetkaufkunstaktion.net
About / 48 Stunden Neukölln
The idea behind 48 Stunden Neukölln is to provide a framework in which both established, professional and newer or private venues, and especially public spaces function as locations for the arts for all to discover and savour. Any artist or other resident of Neukölln is invited to get involved. As long as the deadlines set by the organisers are met, one has free reign as a participant in the festival; there is no jury to decide what fits the programme. Any cultural event may (as long as it conforms to the guidelines in our charta) can be part of the festival. No authority decides what should be considered to be “good“ (acceptable) or “bad“ art. In the process, spaces and an atmosphere are created, in which creative processes and experimental discourse can thrive without limitations. 48 Stunden Neukölln is, therefore, guided by the principle of access for all. It is also an opportunity for realising artistic and socio-cultural projects, facilitating improvements in the quality of life in the area.

More info at
Spätkauf Kunstaktion 2011 / August 6th, 2011 / Kreuzberg & Neukölln, Berlin
2011 following artists participated...44 Flavours, Stefanie Bokeloh, Dana Damki, C.L.I.T., Funny Fun, Gribouille, Marie Jacobi, Lucilux, Karimi Parastu, Sven Ostermann, Rike Rothe, Florian Sänger, Bart Sparnaaij, Mark Verhaagen, Bert Van Wijk & Alvaro Caminero.

With the support of...Charity Children Berlin (folk) , Florian Hein (cello), Fenster (indie pop), David Deery (stand up), Foool (band)
My contribution
Some impressions from 2011Nils Krüger
Spätkauf Kunstaktion vs. 48h Neukölln @ Wostel / June 15 - 17th, 2012 / Neukölln, Berlin
Spätkauf Kunstaktion is an outdoor illustration festival that takes place every summer in Neukölln. To prepare the next event, we invite people to join them at Wostel and share their thought about "how to live together" in the neighbourhood. This material would be featured in a newspaper edited for the festival. Next to it, a group exhibition with SKA past and future artists.

Featuring works by 44 Flavour, C.L.I.T, Dana Damki, Funny Fun, Marie Jacobi, Parastu Karimi, Lucilux, Florian Sänger, Bart Sparnaiij & Bert Van Wijk.
Some of my shown work
Some impressions from the exhibition
Spätkauf Kunstaktion 2012 / August 5th, 2012 / Kreuzberg & Neukölln, Berlin
2012 following artists participated...Marie Jacobi, Maki Shimizu, Wurstbande, Eric Tiedt, Tomasz Tobialka, Karimi Parastu, Till Hafenbrak & Sergio Membrillas, Anais Edely & Josephine Raab, Crin, Christine Fetz, Florian Sänger, Bart Sparnaaij, C.L.I.T., Mark Verhaagen, Bert Van Wijk, 44 Flavours, P is for Ping Pong.
My contribution
Some impressions from 2012 / Pictures by Johanna Pohland
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