Easy Walker
Second Year Group design project
This project is a group project for our second year module, Usability, Ergonomics & Aesthetics. We were given a brief to design a product for collecting and disposing of dog waste. The brief contained three different user personas to choose from and design for.

As part of the assignment we conducted user research and observations. We conducted a small survey and took a number of observational photographs. We then presented our research to our lecturer and our class. At the end of the presentation we outlined our target persona.
These photos show our presentation given to the class and lecturer. They show our research process and some observations that were made during our research. The last few pictures show some very early rough prototypes used to help in the design process.
As a group we present three concept boards. We tried to keep a similar style in each of the boards.
As a group we then narrowed down our design to a single concept. The third concept was chosen as the most appropriate one to follow through with. The last two pictures show our product board and features board for our final presentation.
This image shows the prototype in use at different stages of development.