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    Senior Project

My thesis collection at SCAD was inspired by the idea of Mens Streetwear designed for women, infused with Guatemalan textiles and the color pop of street art. Men dominate the streetwear game, but women have creatively walked the line. I decided to break the barrier by designing a collection that street savvy females can rock with confidence. As a female that tends to mix menswear, ethnic gear and bold accessories, I made my dream collection. Something eye popping with a taste of my Guatemalan culture and the intensity that street art contains. The inspirational Guatemalan textile was transformed into a more geometric and simplified pattern. From a cultural to street feel.
As a first generation American, born from Central American immigrants, I’ve always expressed my love for my homeland but others aren’t as risk taking as I. I wanted to empower people and allow them to incorporate their culture in their daily apparel because the collection is meant to be worn in the streets by the mainstream.