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    Communications Plan Pitch that we made it our peers before handing in the final assignment of the Communications Plan
Starbucks Communication Plan Pitch  Corporate Issue: Starbucks stores closed in March for 3.5 hours in order to retrain staff.  This was the result of a growing disaffection across the country (U.S.) by customers who complained of long lines, cluttered menus, and expensive coffees that do not live up to the Starbucks claim of quality. Add to that a sense that baristas seem unwelcoming and insufficiently excited about the artistic side of making the perfect cup of coffee.Starbucks has recently gone through an executive realignment and Starbucks Chairman Howard Schultz, who returned as CEO in January, has been shaking up the company in an effort to shore up its U.S. operations and stock price.Starbucks Stock is dropping, going from over $30 a share, to not just over $18 a share.  Communications Issue: The lack of promotion for Starbucks, as well as the poor ratings given by customers has resulted in lower sales for the coffee chain.Starbucks needs to re-establish itself as a premium quality coffee company that offers a product that is like no other.  Key Publics: The primary publics would be prospective customers and loyal customers. Starbucks needs to introduce their product to a new client base, but also needs to maintain the clientele they already have, since these customers have been buying Starbucks already, we don’t want to lose their support. The secondary publics would be the media and stock holders. Starbucks will need to use the media and advertising to bring in a new client base.As well, we want to inform stock holders that although shares have been dropping, Starbucks is a good investment and will bounce back. Campaign Goal  To introduce Starbucks to a new client baseTo re-establish Starbucks as a premium quality coffee company to the existing client base. Objectives:To increase sales by 15% over the next 4 months.To bring Starbucks stock up to $25 a share by the end of the fiscal year.  Campaign message: The primary message is that Starbucks is a quality coffee company that produces a premium coffee, and offers something to customers that no one coffee shop does.