Recently I had the chance to collaborate with a super talented group of designers and animators with the mission to create the computer screens that would populate the latest film of the 007 franchise: SPECTRE

This is just a short montage showcasing a few of those screens, used by both sides, in Q’s lab and Oberhauser’s lair.

SPECTRE Credits:
Director:  Sam Mendes
Executive Producer:  Callum McDougall 
DoP:  Hoyte Van Hoytema
VFX Producer: Leslie Lerman
VFX Supervisor:  Steve Begg
Production Designer:  Dennis Gassner
On Set Playback: Chris McBride

On Screen Graphics provided by RUSHES:

Creative Supervisor:  John Hill (Vincent)
Motion Graphics Lead:  Barry Corcoran
Motion Graphics Artists:  Guy Hancock, Fraser Macedo, Matt Tsang, Ernesto Porto, Yugen Blake, Justin Blampeid
Concept Design: Simon Cassels, Ash Thorpe
Compositing Lead:   Noel Harmes
Compositing Artist:  Sarah Breakwell
CG Supervisor:  Andy McNamara
CG Artists:  Craig Travis, Andrea Scibetta, Mark Woodcock, Nimesh Patel
VFX Lead:  Leo Weston
VFX Artists:  Richard Russell, Lorenzo Newell

Head of Operations:  Joce Capper
Head of Production:  Jules Pye
Executive Producer:  Kristy May Currie
Line Producer:  Caroline Laing
Production Coordinator:  Jon Purton, Domhnall Malone