Superheroes don't fly and they don't have wings like angels; they fight every day to get shit done. They don't look perfect and they make mistakes.
Superheroes sometimes lose battles but they never lose their hope and strength.
"They all say I am a SUPER WOMAN. I am not. I only show the strong side of me." N O R A - َنـٌــــــــــــــــــورا
"I truly believe that everyone has something to offer me that would make me a better person than I am today. And this is why I have approached life with the attitude of an infinite request to learn. But I found out that for me to be able to learn and become a better version of me, I must let go of my ego and what I think I know best. One cannot learn unless they believe and truly show a state of humbleness. I'd like to think that the world has become so awful because our egos have taken complete control over our actions and we consciously and subconsciously feel that we are better than everyone else. I truly believe that through humbleness, this world we live in will become more caring, forgiving and powerful."
"Men do not intimidate me. I've had a great deal of experience with men challenging me. Whether we speak of it or not, there is and probably will forever be an invisible barrier keeping women out of the executive and decision-making positions in business and life. It's only because you are a woman, you are constantly looked down upon as "unfit" for the role. I've had all justifications presented to me: "Because you are married..", "Because you are pregnant...", Because you are a mom now..", "Because well a man can always stay late and show up whenever needed.." 
I heard male co-workers call female colleagues, "Chick - Bitch - Old maid - Good girl"... Whom when confronted would act too cocky and have other male co-workers defend their case.
I truly believe that the only definition of a human being is through her/his talents. Not one is excluded out of this "Natural Law". Again we are back to "EGO", but this time it is a sexist ego.
Only when we realize that one does not know everything and it is absolutely fine that others show you the right way -even if a woman is the one guiding you -, that is when "Hope" for a better world will revive."
"I came back home after I lost everything. A few months back I was celebrating the peak of my success. It hit me hard. It's been so long I have not tasted the bitterness of failure. I decided to stay strong until I arrive back home. I opened the door.. There I found my husband standing with his arms wide open. He knew I was hurting. I had an instant urge to burst into tears. I looked into his eyes and I can hear him in his mind telling me, "I am sorry that you feel this way." I closed my eyes. I took one deep breathe in and then let it out. I didn't feel like crying anymore. That was really the moment I knew I had the strength to carry on. I knew this was not the end. I knew that I will get back up again and achieve a level of greatness I have never dreamt of achieving before. It was ok to fail. Failure is just a necessary step towards success."
"Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the flower, the small child, the smiling faces, and the colorful walls. Even in the most difficult situations of all... if you look close enough, you will see beauty. I think the world needs to notice beauty and express how they feel about it. So next time you come across something or someone beautiful.. Tell them you think they are."