Brick Pavers Turning White or Fading ? PROBLEM SOLVED !
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    This is an explanation of the benefits you receive when getting your brick pavers cleaned and sealed by Paver Protectors.
A solution  to solvent based sealers
Have you ever seen a driveway or pool deck that had been sealed and then turned white or cloudy over a short period of time?  Do you know what causes this problem?  Would you like to have your brick pavers sealed and have a GUARANTEE that this will not happen to YOU?

Here in sunny Florida, this has been a huge headache for many people.  They spend their hard earned money to enhance and protect their brick pavers, just to end up with a driveway or pool deck that turns white.  Now there is a SOLUTION !  Paver Protectors uses a state of the art water based sealer.  This is typically a one day process in which we can clean & seal your brick pavers all in the same day. The system we use WILL NOT turn white or milky. 
Paver Protectors are Certified Seal n Lock Technicians.
We are an approved member of the Quality Service Pro's.  This means we meet their strict criteria of certified contractors.
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