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    Concepts for the short film 'Dust' created by Ember Lab. www.dustthefilm.com
Dust the Film
Creature Concepts
The story of this film is about adeadly new plague linked to a mysterious dust is devastating the countrysidearound Kabé—the world’s oldest city. Irezúmi is a disgraced Tracker living in the abandoned outskirts of Kabé. Hired by a Merchant of the city's underground medicine trade, he has yet to find a cure to the mysterious Dust that has begun falling on the city. Littleis known about the Dust or the unusual sickness it causes but as it continues toconsume the countryside, Kabé is preparing to shut its gates—denying refuge toanyone outside the walls.

This amazing short film is being done by Ember Lab, a small yet passionate VFX studio. They hired me to do some of the creature concepts. (Thank you Kickstarter!) Check out the their updates at www.dustthefilm.com.

More creatures concepts to coming soon!
Mooncatchers are small nocturnal animals which live in the trees of densely forested regions. Their eyes are adapted to attract insects by mimicking the glow of moonlight. Once their food is close enough, they quickly snatch it out of the air. Mooncatchers live in social communities and communicate through majestic calls and luminescent eyes. In local folklore they are believed to guide spirits to their place of rest. Spirit Shrines built near Mooncatcher communities are visited by those who wish to pay respect to the dead.
The Dust Plant is another concept I did for the short film Dust. Brynn Metheney did a great job creating original concept. I was tasked with creating the Visual Target Concept. (Painting it into a film shot to see what it would look like a little more detailed/realistic for Modelers/Texturers/Lighting/etc.)
This is the final concept and visual target for the Hydra. Although very small in size the Hydra plays an important role in the film. 3D modelers and texture artists will use this as reference to make this creature come to life in the film. As is the case with all the creatures in this film, the Hydra is based on organisms that actually exist in nature. The goal was to reference as many natural elements as possible as we developed the unique creatures in Dust.