Music Branding: Freja | Design Campaign

The objective of the Music Branding course itself was to help students explore the idea of brands and brand process, and integrate the experience into creative and functional design solutions. The band which I branded was one of my own creation, an Icelandic post-rock quartet called Freja. I created 3 packages for their merchandise - an Vinyl LP case for their full-length album ("Travel Light"),  a heavy paper "special edition" version of the LP, and an EP ("We Laugh Indoors"). The other design/project outcomes were: A band identity/logo, 3 posters which advertised their series of outdoor concerts (accompanied by various other Icelandic artists), merchandise buttons, 11 separate song lyrics for the tracks on the LP (translated into Icelandic),  four instrumental songs (composed by myself) for the band's EP,  and a "Coming Soon" video to accompany one of the songs (Pocket Symphony). The overall design structure I used to represent the band was minimal but colorful abstraction, with handwritten text as type.
Band Logo/Identity sample sheet.
                  Using Icelandic/Viking runes as a starting point, I developed the logo over a period of time to
                  make it more balanced and contemporary while still retaining a natural, rugged look.
Poster Series
            The 3-poster series for the band was for their "outdoor concert series," taking place in Kópavogur,
            Iceland. They are accompanied by other Icelandic artists for each of the concert dates.
LP Package
          The LP packaging was created using Mylar and transparent Vellum. The record package is double-
          sleeve and created for 10" vinyls. The forefront pocket houses 14 Mylar sheets - each page has
          intricate, abstract designs accompanied by handwritten song lyrics. as you lay the sheets on top of
          one another, the lines combine to form the band's identity. The sleeve allows you to interact with
          the package, and arrange the song sheets in any pattern you like.
CD Package
              The CD case for the LP album is made from cardstock paper, and contains a double-sided
              accordion style lyric book. The designs on each of the pages were placed to create a flow from
              left-to-right and front-to-back, and is reminiscent of the abstract designs on the LP packaging.
EP Package
            The CD case for the band's EP is a single-sleeve cardstock paper case with a very simple cover
            design and the tracks handwritten on the inside of the case. Since the EP is instrumental, there is
            no accompanying lyric book.
Merchandise: Buttons
Coming Soon Video
               This video was created using footage taken by myself in Sweden and Denmark. It is meant to
               create an atmosphere of both joy and an unexplained sort of sadness because of it, which is the
               concept of the band's album, Travel Light.

We Laugh Indoors EP: Track 01 - Empire

We Laugh Indoors EP: Track 02 - Dirge

We Laugh Indoors EP: Track 03 - Cinematic Expressions

We Laugh Indoors EP: Track 04 - Pocket Symphony