Capstone Project-Pacific Citizen

We got this assignment that we need to play as a full-service agency to make a whole Marketing plan for the Pacific Citizen in our Capstone Project. It has been considered the best project among classmates.

There are 6 team members. We have several responsibilities as follow.

ExecutiveCommittee/Quality Control

Advertising,PR, and Promo Planning
Media Planning

My role in the team is the
My responsibility is primarily working on the creative campaign/promotion/advertisements design, based on the marketing strategy we made for Pacific Citizen.

As a full-service agency, we designed a logo to represent us.
It is a hexagon with the number 720.

1. Our team members come from six different country. It could be represented by a hexagon.
2. As you know, usually, the industries use the number 360 to show they provide full service.
The hexagon has 720 degrees. It means we double everything! 

After collecting the information and making the background analysis, we made a strategy timeline. Based on the Marketing strategy, and having the brainstorming with team members. We designed four campaigns for Pacific Citizen.

Creative Objectives

Creative Strategies
1. Elementsof Culture Campaign