Website Designs
Designed and Hand-Coded
Notre Dame Swing Club website:

I served as the Swing Club webmaster for 3 years. During that time I completely redesigned and rebuilt the website and made it a bigger part of Swing Club planning and member notifications.

During my internship at DMB Sports Group, Inc. I contributed to the redesign and relaunch of I designed the logo, rotating banners, icons, and more. I also contributed to the coding of the site.
Saint John Neumann Catholic Church

This is a website redesign for my parish church, St. John Neumann. The redesign has not yet been implemented.
Notre Dame Electrical Engineering Senior Design: Team Telekinesis

I was asked to design a simple website for a group of friends in the Electrical Engineering department at Notre Dame for their senior thesis project. They wanted something clean, fast, and something they could easily edit themselves. 
Ablecraft Fabrications, Inc.

This is a mockup of the Ablecraft website redesign. This is a work-in-progress, as I have not yet completed the coding of the site. 
Amanda Carter, Portfolio Site

This is the design of my old portfolio site. Unfortunately, having recently graduated from the University of Notre Dame, I no longer have access to this domain, and am in the process of building a new portfolio site.