Video and Animation
Recent Work
Compositing work done at Powerhouse Animation, mostly comprising of asset/scene setup, 
camera work, effects and lighting passes, composition, timing and art asset retouching. 
Motion Graphics and Animation
An ADP promotional video made from an existing script as an infographic-style animation. What I noticed as I was creating the storyboard, was it relied heavily on character animation, which really couldn't be managed with just lines, symbols and icons. The result was kind of a blend of animation and motion graphics, which worked well enough.
Motion graphics, animation, editing done for the Dare to Invent series and other promotional material at Davison.
A set of animated logos, the first being the natural progression of a design that I simply had to animate. The addition of the 1991 VHS opening was an afterthought but adds to much to the appeal. The second being a quick, particle based logo for a video podcast. 
A couple promotional videos made for the TMI website. The first was made for an Manufacturing Expo and won enough votes to be displayed on the main Expo screens. It was actually more exciting than it sounds. Both were entirely developed from script to final edits by myself with only a Rebel camera and tripod and the microphone built in to Macs. For essentially a zero-cost, unlit, sound-editing free production, I still like how these came out. 
A few Flash animation tests for a project that was the precursor for the two Dare to Invent animations I would later make and some of my first backgrounds/character animation in Flash. Ultimately, half-way through creating the animated scenes, the project was cancelled. Sections of the script were labeled 'animated' and I had the freedom to develop the lines into whatever would be visually humorous and engaging to break up the monotony. 
Introduction to the main character and where he lives. In this case, it was Colorado and the visual gag was a Flash recreation of the opening shot of the Overlook Hotel.
This shot was to explain that he was also a dentist who occasionally tinkered with his own tools. Simpsons reference for a visual joke. 
This scene explained that, as an inventor, he loved to create new toys for his kids to play with. I thought a rather severe game of re-engineered Simon Says would be pretty funny. 
This scene was a throwaway visual gag to be paired up with the moment the main character had to 'bury his new idea' for a while due to some life events. So a literal interpretation of him, nervously burying an anthropomorphic light bulb in a tarp, during a stormy night seemed to be a pretty entertaining 5 second interlude. 
A series of short animated clips as a design/animation mock-up. Each were made using a master Photoshop file, imported and rearranged in After Effects. This would actually be my first foray into After Effects character animation rigging and compositing.