examples of how promotional projects can bear the seal of elegant design
Barsupport is the leading company in the field of beverage catering in the Netherlands. Barsupport is not only the first dutch company to provide high quality catering services, but also a company with a unique eye for detail perfection and elegance in design.

The professional approach of Barsupport is a holistic one. In accordance with the elegant services it provides, it is also responsible for the promotional furniture of the companies it represents and moreover for the furniture's design, which is always aligned with the represented company's design guidelines. And this is the point, where it must be clarified, that elegance in design comes as a natural outcome, through this holistic approach towards its supplied services and professional mentality.

All of the projects were carried out with the collaboration of the Barsupport co- owner and creative director Ian Bartos.
Red Bull Mobile Bar
the "Theedoos"
Warsteiner KLM Open
Red Bull Mobile Bar
This mobile bar on wheels is designed to work together or separately with the bars of Red Bull, indoors as well as outdoors in festivals and events.
the "Theedoos"
The Teabox was born out of an old and somewhat rotten trailer, used as a break office for construction sites and workers. It is used for ice tea/ tea cocktail promotion in festivals around the Netherlands.
The style of the "Theedoos" design could be described as cozy, with a touch of grandma/ vintage combined  with modern lines.
The remarkable thing about the "Theedoos" is its construction in general. It is carefully constructed with great care and fun and with a lot of attention to its details. Each of its parts is carefully made by hand. The original design changed several times, constantly enriched step by step, until its completion.
The "Theedoos" construction crew consists of three people: Ian Bartos, Maurice Carlier and Christos Efthymoudis.
Warsteiner- KLM Open

Warsteiner decided that its presence in the KLM Open golf tournament in the Netherlands must be amplified. In order to do so, Warsteiner's presence needs to be more dynamic.

The project proposes a podium, where visitors can watch the game and enjoy a Warsteiner premium beer, whereas highly mobile promotional golf carts with coolboxes and segways with a coolbox as a trailer roam the field, serving Warsteiner premium beer at any given location.