The creation of the artwork and the whole direction of “In My Mind”, is an observation of the concepts behind the record.

The naked person is a metaphor to express someones fragilities as he exposes himself uncensored. The blue color inside the head of the subject on the artwork reminds of the band’s sound, a melancholic alternative rock.
Initially I thought about having all the members of the band posing without t-shirt but we had some issues so we switched the idea and decided to have a guy standing in front of the camera on a plain background. In post I broke the head of the guy out, ripped it and peeled of and played around digital and analogic materials.​​​​​​​
Behind The Scene feat Veronica (: 
We had fun shooting the cover and some footage for the promo.
Set Of Logos 
Facebook Cover #1
Facebook Cover #2
Photoshoot - Rome 2016. Keeping things dreamy.
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