INKtober 2016. A collection of ink drawings throughout October and.. a little through November. The first 12 drawings are something of a visual diary of my recent trip to China. 13 onwards are thoughts or happenings, some relevant to day itself, some abit more random than others. Enjoy! 
INKtober day 1 | Flower Tea. In desperate need of zen time.
INKtober day 2 | Balloon pop. Dad is for fun and games. Mom is for diaper change.
INKtober day 3 | "Moon is the light from a lantern in heaven"-Munia Khan
INKtober day 4 | Orizuru. Let each folded paper crane fly your sorrows away. 
INKtober day 5 | Wedding showers. As the happy couple pours their love for each other, I too feel a shower.
INKtober day 6 | That awful night bus. That speeds through the darkness without streetlights. That reeks internally of puke. That of which my seat was strategically next to the stinky toilet. Not much of a choice, it was the only bus we could take.
INKtober day 7 | Descendents. We call ourselves the descendants of the Dragon.
INKtober day 8 | And we climbed up and up, till we could climb no more. 
INKtober day 9  | Alakazam! There's magic, everywhere. 
INKtober day 10| Grandaunt. The sweetest old lady that waits for us wild hearted travellers to come home everyday.
INKtober day 11| Mountain Dance . Inspired by the 2 nostrils people drilled into the mountains to make way for roads and cars. 
INKtober day 12| Turbulence. Homeward Bound. 
INKtober day 13| Take a bow. You could stop time if you looked good enough. 
INKtober day 14| Bon Apetit. "The tragedy is not to die, but to be wasted."- Thomas Harris, Hannibal. 
INKtober day 15| What goes around comes around. Or asquare :I
INKtober day 16| Bird Fishing. Fishing for birds and birding for fish.
INKtober day 17| Water dance. Life under the sea is better than anything they got up there - Sebastian 
INKtober day 18| Maskara. If I wear a mask, I can fool the world. 
INKtober day 19| The Lil' gift. The most precious need not be the biggest or prettiest. 
INKtober day 20| Making Waves. I do what I like and I like it. 
INKtober day 21| Feathers drenched in the rain. I could still fly away if I wanted to.
INKtober day 22| Little black dress. 
INKtober day 23| Windy sighs.
INKtober Day 24| Key to the city.
INKtober Day 24| Key to the city.
INKtober day 25| Tiger Skin. Or.. fur.
INKtober day 26| ControlYou're never your own master, even if you think you are.
INKtober day 27| Fish Fan. Inspired by a very pretty photo.
INKtober day 28| Forbidden Love. "What puts out fire but water? What dries up water but fire? Tell him to give her a kiss!" - Mary De Morgan
INKtober day 29| Special delivery.
INKtober day 30| Light over Darkness. Happy belated Deepavali everyone
INKtober day 31| OFF WITH HER HEAD! Long live the bloody red queen. I did tell you that we're all mad here. 
INKtober 2016

INKtober 2016

31 days of Ink Drawings.