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    Bespoke media unit ~ made from walnut and oak.
This media unit was inspired by the compact living conditions present in most major cities around the world. I found Tokyo, Japan to be one of the most interesting areas i researched and this also lead to the inspiration behind the design of the final piece. 

I started this project with the intention to create a bespoke piece of furniture that is made to facilitate certain objects in a compact room. These where items such as a PC tower, surround sound system with sub woofer, PlayStation 3, Sky box/DVD player, books, 46” Television and various smaller objects such as wires, remotes etc.

I based the design on the fact that most of this technology will become obsolete in the next couple of years, so I designed the media unit be able to function in other ways if needed. When living in compact spaces efficiency is key so all the space available needs to be used correctly. The eight drawers provide a large amount of storage space and also the shelves allowed me to use the full volume of the unit to its full capacity leaving no areas unused. 
Materials: American walnut, European oak, Brass. Finished with pure tung oil.
Oak drawer pulls hand turned on a woodworking lathe. 
The grain on the veneered drawer bottoms flows. 
 All eight drawers are fully constructed with hand cut dovetail joints. 
Final location of the media unit. PC tower fully accessible from the side of the unit. All of the drawers are above the bed and the shelf just under the drawers is used for easy quick access to frequently used items such as the computer keyboard. 
 Drawers filled with items.