"Fight Club" Haiku Vignettes
Fight Club: Haiku Poems // Visual Vignettes
The First Rule of "Fight Club" Was Never Really My Favorite One Anyways...
Fight Club has long been one of my favorite movies, as well as one of my most favored books. Author Chuck Palahniuk shocks, thrills and somewhat disgusts his readers with this great novel. Director David Fincher did an amazing job adapting this mind-bending story into a feature length motion picture, transferring everything essential to the story and still keeping the movie down to around two hours.
So, in honor of these two wonderful works of art I decided I should make some sort of tribute referring to Fight Club, while still maintaining my own unique touch.
I had always been a fan of the haiku poems that were used in the book and quoted them numerous times. Then, recently when I had gone to the beautiful beach city of Galveston, near Houston, I had taken some photography while I was out and about. When I had come back home to Houston I had noticed one picture of a sneaky looking bird roosted atop a street lamp. After I had edited the photo to look somewhat dried out/beach tone-ish I thought to myself: "What could I do with this photo?" It was clearly a good photo. However, it had the potential to be more, but not on its own. It had to have some type of message on it or something, otherwise it would remain a sub-par photograph. Which is when I finally thought about the haikus that I had read in Fight Club. When I had finished up with the bird visual I still felt somewhat empty. It might have been the fact that there were two main haiku poems in the book and I only used the one that was less known of. So, that's when I made the decision of making the second visual. It was much more of a task to take a photo of a Bumble Bee, but the final product definitely gave me a feeling of total satisfaction.
I hope you like these as much as I do!
This is a YouTube video created by bers0044. It is a kinetic typography video based on the haiku poem used in both the book and movie about the bees. Its simple style is goes along great with my visuals.
 Pixies - Where Is My Mind
Surfer Rosa (1988)
(this song played at the final scene of Fight Club (1999) directed by David Fincher)
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"Fight Club" Haiku Vignettes