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When trying to define myself I reach for the camera. Looking for my identity in mirror reflections I automatically notice all my selves tumbling in me. Sometimes just two of them show, sometimes four, and sometimes all of them hide behind only one. In order to avoid studied, staged, fake faces I give my face up to other, more universal masks. This makes me anonymous for the viewer who enters into a certain relation with me without knowing it. Covering my face I hide my identity. I become unrecognizable, but I produce self-portraits - they are masked figures who observe one another. Some photograph others, while at other times photographic clones take a group picture of themselves. Internal schizophrenia and  the search for oneself is the starting point of the whole series. All these multiplied characters that express various emotional states are really one. Her various personalities try to communicate among themselves and they use a photographic camera to this end. They produce a language of communication known only to them and lead an extraverbal dialogue. Being their prototype and actually being them all at once I also stand in opposition to them at the time of confrontation. Although they are my doing, they escape my control and live their own lives. Faceless creatures that photograph my every move, treat me impersonally and watch me as they do everything else. They keep silent and hang their heads down meaningfully or call - or rather scream - something to me. Do they really take these photographs or do they only pretend to release the shutter? Who are they? Are they really me?
      Katarzyna Kłudczyńska