Biophilia (Experimental Video)
Video 03 of 05 - Theme oriented student video project (2011)

Part of a collection of 5 videos done as a 5 week animation and video project which could be based on any themes we wished. I decided on a Space/Earth/Movie mash-up theme. An experimental video that forms part of the "Earth" part of my projects overall theme. It's about the lack of respect for nature and life in general that has become such a prominent part of the world we inhabit. I wanted to show the disconnect between us, human beings, and the world we live in by juxtaposing the shots of vegetation and nature with shots of industries and pollution. I also used a human-like character to represent the protagonist, but "he" is made of stone and shouldn't even be able to lament the state of the world. It seems, however, that even a humanoid stone being can show more remorse and disappointment at the state of the world than actual human beings.
Biophilia - An appreciation of life and the living world, supposed to be felt universally by humankind.