Title: Rouge Interieur
Client: ian-v. studios
Product: Self-Portrait
I lived in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for 4 years, going to school at the International School. As an international student and artist, I applied the theme of face painting to my self portrait in mix of combining a stunning self portrait photographed by Arnold Rossa, and a mix of digital art to be part of my series of "Faces".

This is my 3rd expression. The expression of "Inner Red".

The red  paint stripe represents some of my traits: Energy, Passion, Action . Also, RED stands for pain, and I believe that our pain is what brings the best of us at times, and as an artist. As an artist, my goal is to observe the world as it is.

FACE 1 - Infectious Expression
FACE 2 - Resilience
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Featured In:
OneEyeland - 2017
Behance – Wacom Gallery


The process for making this portrait began by a simple idea : a new portrait. I got in contact with Arnold Rossa about creating an expression that is new and different yet identical to my FACE series. We did a full on photo-shoot, different poses, looks, and lighting. Using Adobe Bridge, and Adobe Photoshop I was able to compress numerous images for a self portrait image. Using Adobe Photoshop for creating my paint brushes and digital retouching and art, Adobe Illustrator for my shapes, and Adobe Bridge for color correction from Raw files.

The final image and look; we were able to create a portrait that really shows who I am as an individual. The expression of my own face, with the digital art and retouching showing a side of the world I'm involved in.


Creating my own brushes in Adobe Photoshop and using them as my foundation for shape and texture. The look is a bit fake but also very surreal and imaginary, yet applies to real world. It allows me to create an artistic mask, and relate to my personal branding project.


I took some time to research about face painting to make a full meaning of what my face painting would be about.

LEFT - A face painting done by a tribe in Kenya when visiting at 13. This helped inspire the idea of a new portrait and theme.
RIGHT - Face painting inspirations. The use of line, movement and flow across the face.

African Men Painting faces with different patterns and symbols has long been part of the tradition of many cultures. Face painting, which is usually complemented with body paint, is done according to tribal rites and cultural activities of specific tribal groups. Each symbol being specific and part of story telling, especially about hunting, rituals, tribal status.


Thank you for viewing. This is an ongoing project, showcasing new work, and expanding my skills.
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Year 2016  ®

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