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    My sketchbook and other paintings
The Grant Museum of Zoology, London is free and only open on weekdays. It's a fascinating place to walk through with huge skulls and skeletons in a not-so-huge place, but still amazing. You can even ask politely if the staff can take out a skeleton for you to draw. Downsides are that there isn't very good lighting for drawing and not much place to sit...
Yuen Po Street Bird Garden 

One of my favourite places in Hong Kong. But too many mosquitoes! I came here on a mission as I had just bought some Copic Markers and I had a brand new Moleskine(Watercolour, obviously) that was just asking to be ruined by doodles.

Copic Marker on a Moleskine watercolour book.
Gouache on Moleskine Watercolour paper.
Decken's Discovery

The development work that went towards the creation of my self published children's book, Decken's Discovery. 

Meet Poncho! He's a new little character i'm working on...

Various zoo sketches and the like.