The Observer

This was my final work of thesis for the IED Milan's CG Animation Course.
The project was made with a friend and classmate of mine Vittorio Barabani. We developed the idea during the first half of the final year, but the actual production started in April 2012. 


Created by 
Gianluca Pizzaia
Vittorio Barabani
Music by
Stefano Pizzaia
This video shows the different properties added withing the rig. Even if most of the details were not fully appreciated in the short, still we decided to create a rig that was mostly automated, so when the animator moves the arm, leg or head, or simply plays the timeline, there are several pieces of the model that moves accordingly.

The rig is divided in FK/IK for the arms, and most of the head controls and lenses are Driven Keys.
Under this we'll see several render from the work in progress of the texturing, that was done in one of the 3d environments we recreated. Texturing was done in Mudbox and sculpting in ZBrush. Rendered in Vray for Maya
Screen of the shoes during the texturing and shading tests.
This is a screen were we first decided the color set for the robot with just Lambert materials.