Virtual Water Poster (1st edition)
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The »Virtual Water« project
Water is probably one of the most precious resources and vital foreveryone’s everyday life. In spite of this obvious fact, people uselarge amounts of water: drinking, cooking and washing, but even morefor producing things such as food, paper, cotton clothes, etc.

One of the most important research papers in this field isChapagain, A.K. and Hoekstra, A.Y. (2004), »Water footprints ofnations«, Value of Water Research Report Series No. 16, UNESCO-IHE,Delft, the Netherlands.
Designer Timm Kekeritz created a poster, visualizing parts of theirresearch data, to make the issue of virtual water and the waterfootprint perceptible.

The water footprint of a person, company or nation is defined as thetotal volume of freshwater that is used to produce the commodities,goods and services consumed by the person, company or nation.
The idea of the water footprint is quite similar to the ecological footprint, but focussing on the use of water.

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The poster Based on the data gathered by Hoeckstra et their study »Water Footprint of Nations« German designer TimmKekeritz created this double-sided poster. One side visualizes thewater footprint of selected nations, emphasizing the im- and export ofvirtual water. The other side shows the virtual water content ofselected foods and commodities.
The design itself is minimalistic - using silhouettes and typographyonly. The fonts used are TheSans and TheSerif by Berlin-based Dutchtype designer Luc(as) de Groot. The printed version also shows waterdrops in a shiny finish, emphasizing the virtual character of the watercontained in our everyday goods.

Double-sided poster, A0 (1189 x 841 mm), 150 g/qm paper, two color (cyan, black) offset print plus partial shiny finish.
Why this poster? The main intention of this poster is toshow how much freshwater is used to produce selected products - hopingfor people to rethink their consumption patterns. The visualization ofnation’s footprints tries to draw the big picture and sensitize forlocal problems in differnt parts of the world.
The poster is rather a rough summary of the virtual water issue, than astep-by-step instructions to lower your personal water footprint.
First Edition Sold Out - Second Edition Still Available
Unfortunately the first edition of the Virtual Water poster has sold out. You might want to check out the second edition of the poster.