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Baby Bare Essentials

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Baby Bare Essentials

"Be Natural | Be Bare | Be Loved" - This is the motto our clients Mark and Casey came to us with, for their dream of starting a brand selling great quality baby clothing, with a strong personal touch. With only a vision of what it could be, we took them through our branding process where we created a visual identity in line with their values, their clients and their dream. We designed the logo, the patterns for the clothes, and the home page for the website, which they then took into their own hands and are working on developing it.

Client: Baby Bare Essentials
Art Direction: Joana Galvão
Branding: Diana Santa, Joana Galvão 
Illustration: Diana Santa
UX / UI: Rúben Silva

Gif Design Studios are tremendous to work with.

As a small start up, we truly needed a person/team to help see our vision and bring it to life. Joana was clear and precise with communication to ensure the direction they see is perfectly aligned with our vision.

The amount of creativity that they share is mind blowing. I cannot draw at all, so for her to understand exactly what I wanted just through words is a true picture of how clearly they can imagine your vision.

Our expectations were exceeded and we plan on having Joana and her team help grow our brand even further. We really can’t see anyone else doing it!

Mark and Casey Moralde
Founders — Baby Bare Essentials

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Baby Bare Essentials
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