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Nutrition Theraphy Institute

Nutrition Therapy School (NTI) are one of the longest standing holistic nutrition schools in the world, located in Canada. Since 1999, they have provided students with the highest quality training, so they can achieve thriving careers in the industry, so when they contacted us for a rebrand and website redesigned we were thrilled to take the challenge on.

Their previous logo was a colored apple tree with their name around it in a circle. In order not to sway too far from what had been familiar for so many years and at the same time to give a modern and academic twist to the brand, we opted for a minimal crest with an apple and a tree, with a detail of when the school was established.

Since then we have loved working with the team at NTI on their website, their internal learning management system (for online students) and promotional materials as you can see below. They are truly a wonderful team to work with and we are grateful to have them as a client.

Client: Nutrition Therapy School
Art Direction: Joana Galvão
Branding: João Loureiro
UX / UI: Rúben Silva, João Loureiro
Editorial Design: João Loureiro, Diana Castro
Development: Smart Layer

We needed a fresher, more modern look for our school, and Gif Design Studios delivered!

They're responsive, creative, and most important in this age when designers have to know code, marketing and UI: they're savvy! We went from a website that was pretty to one that is dynamic, multi layered and cutting edge!

The Nutrition Therapy Institute team


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