Région Grand Est

During my Master's Degree in Communication Strategy by the Image, I realized a project on the creation of a regional identity and a communication campaign, unifying the cultural offer proposed by the Grand Est region.

Target: neighboring countries, Île-de-France region and within the the Grand Est region .
Objective: to rediscover the cultural heritage of a region.
Supports: 360° degree campaign, focus particular on digital.

Since January 2016, our cartography in France has changed. We passed from 22 to 13 regions. Some regions then merged together, resulting in the creation of new territorial identities.

What makes the identity of a region? Part of its heritage and culture! However, when three regions merge, each with its own identity, "How to unify the communication of a cultural offer? "

To answer this question, I concentrated on one of the largest of these new regions. The Grand Est, which includes: Champagne-Ardenne, Lorraine and Alsace.

Modular logotype based on the cardinal points concept, North South West and East, staged by geometric shapes. We represent the three former regions, all converging towards the same point, the same identity, the Grand Est region.

There are also pictograms, representing three categories related to culture, such as history, a professional activity and a monument.

Development of landscapes / horizons of places present throughout the region and of course responding to the three cultural categories mentioned above.

Vineyard fields for gastronomy and professional activity, Chemin des Dames for the connection with the historical past of the First World War and the Island of Saulcy in Metz for a romantic and charming walk.

The central square, inspired by the logotype, is used as a gateway to access this universe that is in front of us. Here, graphically, we use the same initial chromatic choice, established in the charter, but with an inking rate of 80%.

The principle of bichromy, allows to associate the two colors and their cognitive values, in order to best correspond to the values of dream, escape and discovery.


Present in the tourist offices of cities of the region, realization of brochures that offer a historical and cultural content specific to each place. There are other content such as reports from local actors or an opening on the region. These brochures will be available for free and translated into French, German and English.

Creation of photographic contests on social networks, with the cover of the brochure. The visitor can take a photo of the cover and choose the visual background, in order to design his own communication in relation to a locality, an activity, food ... specific to his region and setting up #FierDeMaRegion.

Distributor of random cards also present in the tourist offices. To propose local activities to the visitor, to put him in contact with an actor of the region and to allow him to discover in a more personal and personalized way the culture linked to the domain selected from the different cultural axes proposed by the region: architectural, Archaeological, ethnological, industrial, artistic, bibliographical, linguistic, religious ...

©Photographies print : Marine FERRANTE

Website presenting the cultural offer of the region. On the home page, there are themes of different activities that can be found throughout the region. Like culinary discovery, events and festivals, fauna and flora, hiking trails, cultural experiences ...

There are a particular article, a section Actors of the region, groups the individuals who participate in the cultural activity present in the region. They can express themselves on their daily lives, present their know-how, propose events and meet interested visitors.

Visitors can share their personal experiences within the region. Post a comment, propose an activity that has not been referenced, send photo video audio files ... Invite other people to participate in this adventure.

The mobile application is a cultural-tourist guide, based on the geolocation. The home page is similar like to the website with the main cultural categories, here using interactive maps. The visitor can locate in the region with the geolocation and discover the different cultural activities around him. To create a free account allows to set the criteria of search of the visitor and it will be warned by notifications.

Région Grand Est

Région Grand Est

Dans le cadre de mon diplôme de Master Stratégie de Communication par l'Image, j'ai réalisé un projet sur la création d’une identité régionale et Read More