grow. Lettering & logotype for a modular texture
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    Lettering and logtype for a product brand
A modular texture for spaces, designed and produced by IN TRANSITION
Alicia Velázquez and Pablo Rica from IN TRANSITION asked me to design the logotype for their last creation. 'grow' is the name of a modular and versatile texture suitable for any kind of interior space, it can be a curtain, a light wall or a lamp, it depends on the creativity of the user. Also, it's produced with environment friendly materials.
'grow' consists in a set of pieces, designed in a parametric way, that assembled together create an organic shape and texture rather than rigid or geometric. 
The early sketches show the design idea consisting of a lettering which might match the shapes in the product
Images of 'grow'
The first version of the logotype is based on a rounded slab serif with italic construction but straight axis.
I considered different solutions for the same idea. The first one, as commented before, is based in a more typographic model, the second adds the bilateral serif at the top and ibottom of the characters, the idea is to represent the environment friendly quality of the product as if it was an sprout, the third simplifies the shapes and gives more dinamism to the word, and finally, the fourth is the 'decoraitve' version of that one.
The third was the chosen one.