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    shapes of human bodies are moving in a sort of dancing movement all across a rusty apocalyptic background.
_Deep Inside_ "Sofisma e Identidad"

Sofisma, m,      en la filosofía griega y escolástica argumentación solo 
                        verdadera en apariencia.
Sophism.         Reasoning that seems only true on first sight—Greek and escolastic philosophy.
Identidad, f,          hecho de ser una persona la misma que dice ser. 
Identity.                The fact of being the same person as who you say you are.
2.40m high and 8.40m long wall of iron boards divides the space in two independent halves. Structures with a human morphology are condensed on rusty surfaces. Dark shapes without identity twist in chaotic and despairing manner in an orange-brown, violet landscape. It is the individual’s struggle for the future.
The personal identity of the migrating individual is no longer a question of recognition parting from a personal history; it is no longer defined by the trajectory of the individuals’ life, but haphazardly and through social and historical circumstances, by the sum of sophisms used in community where the individual aims to belong. This is where the hard journey in search of the recognition of a new, valid identity within the new social context begins. It is an odyssey that transforms any migrating individual into Ulyssis’ descendant.
The mural is accompanied by a text in allusion to the image on the last panel of the wall: “The Angel  of History” by Walter Benjamin, printed in various languages on the hall’s perimete
Del Ángel de la Historia
Vom Engel der Geschichte
History’s Angel
Óxidos s. hierro / Metalloxyde auf Eisen / Oxyds on iron, 240x 840 cm, 2004-2011
Y este tiene que ser el aspecto del ángel de la historia. Ha vuelto su rostro hacia el pasado,
... pero desde el paraíso sopla un huracán que se ha enredado en sus alas y que es tan
fuerte que el ángel ya no puede cerrarlas. Este huracán le empuja irresistiblemente hacia
el futuro, al cual da la espalda, mientras que los
 montones deruinas crecen ante él hasta elcielo. Ese huracán es lo que nosotros llamamos progreso.

Walter Benjamin

Der Engel der Geschichte muss so aussehen. Er hat sein Antlitz der Vergangenheit zugewendet,...aber ein Sturm weht vom Paradiese her, der sich in seinen Flügeln verfangen hat
und so stark ist, dass der Engel sie nicht mehr schliessen kann. Dieser Sturm treibt ihn
unaufhaltsam in die Zukunft,der er den Rücken kehrt, während der Trümmerhaufen vor ihm
zum Himmel wächst. Das, was wir Fortschritt nennen, ist dieser Sturm.

Walter Benjamin

This is how one pictures history’s angel. His face is turned toward the past...but a storm is blowing
from Paradise which has caught in its wings, with such violence, that the angel can no longer
close them. This storm propels him irresistibly into the future to which his back is turned, while the
pile of debris before him grows skywards. This storm is what we call progress.

Walter Benjamin
The other side of the wall consists of a mirror of equal proportions. A cooling device located inside the wall and steam spray heads on top mist up the mirror, just like a bath mirror after a cold winter’s day shower.
The mirror’s surface becomes an interactive element in which the spectator’s intervention permanently generates visual changes. We are reflected. But the mirror does not let us see ourselves clearly. Our identity becomes hazy. We try to create clear spaces by cleaning part of the mirror, we even draw or write something on it until the steam engulfs our image again and returns us to indefinition and anonymity.