Akuma Mega Pack
Volume 2
Lupus Libri.
Fan art made for Lubus Libri, a site with reviews of creative and fun books, comics, albums, etc.
Loco Production.
Logo / illustration made for producer named Loco Productions.
Akuma Self-Portrait.
Lately I was invited to join Truest - A community for street based artists. This is my self portrait for cover of my profile page on Truest.
Logo for a polish street dancer - Tao Shin.
Plastic Sneakers.
Logo for a sneaker district of a original vinyl/urban toys store.
Teesbook Monster.
First illustration which will be printed as a sticker and postcard for Teesbook.
Teesbook Pirates.
Second illustration for Teesbook which will be printed as sticker & postcard.
Illustration for contest organized by Teesbook and Tabasko brand. The topic was to design print based on one of Tabasko songs named Zachłanność - thats Greed in english.
Arriba Angel.
T-shirt design for Arriba Wear. You can still buy it HERE.
Arriba Wear x Tisztelet Sound.
T-shirt design for a collaboration between Arriba Wear x Tisztelet Sound and me. It was printed as a limited edition, and there are still few left. You can buy it HERE.
Arriba Wear x Belong2Beat.
Another collaborative design between me x Arriba Wear x Belong2Beat - a polish dancing group.
Davee Blows.
Logo for tatto artist Davee Blows, which did one of my tattoos - rest is stil in progress.
Jamaj Events.
Poster illustration for a extreme sports organizer named Jamaj Events. The task was to interprate their original logo in my way.
Activity Center.
Something different and simple. Rejected logo proposal for a activity center placed in one of Polish cities.
Street Geek.
T-shirt illustration for UK based brand Heretics.
London Heretics.
Another illustration for Heretics brand.
Thank you for your time, and I hope that you liked another mega pack :)

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