Welcome to Collisions.

This project is an open canvas, a creative diary.
It will be updated whenever my mind tells me to do it.
This is not a creative blog, but it is chronologically sorted.

Photoshop, photography, textures, vectors, any kind of mixed-media.
Never tried to compose a double exposure-like image. I started thinking about those, it ended doing...this.
Garbage, like scars grown up on my face. Two mixed photographs, both taken by me on different occasions.

This is Scarred, a symbolic representation about my mood.

Photoshop (1hr) + Lightroom
I used to wear some kind of make up, during Halloween. This year, unfortunately, it wouldn't be possible, so...
Recent self-portrait, plus some textures. Inspired from Game of Thrones' Night King and white walkers.

Happy Halloween!

Photoshop (2hrs, troubleshooting included) + Lightroom